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Ultima VIII: Exile remake factsheet at RPGDot

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Ultima VIII: Exile remake factsheet at RPGDot

Development Info - posted by Spazmo on Thu 31 July 2003, 02:44:00

Tags: Neverwinter Nights

RPGDot has posted a factsheet about the upciming remake of Ultima VIII done with the Neverwinter Nights engine.

Exile is going to recreate Ultima VIII as a mod for Neverwinter Nights. This brings the opportunity to incorporate a German translation and the possibility to play a female Avatar. The team is very much aware that not all will like the d&d rules for ultima, but they seem confident that they can very well balance the quests, xp's and levelling. Judging from the first screenshots they manage to give the game a real ultima look and feel by adding custom made content.

One does wonder why they chose Ultima VIII for this project. It was one of the worst Ultimas. Well, hopefully they ca fix it and won't be too bogged down by the NWN engine.

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