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Restricted Area developer diary #3 at RPGDot

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Restricted Area developer diary #3 at RPGDot

Development Info - posted by Spazmo on Fri 1 August 2003, 17:06:44

Tags: Restricted Area

RPGDot has posted the third developer diary by everybody's favorite German, Jan Beuck.

Carl is delivering the RPGVault article for next week...exemplary! Leonid is still not getting on with the city. Martin is improving the level editor and is working on the first mission. And I? I make a new animation, a spider-like creature crawling down the wall and a disgusting, fat cyber-zombie dying. I have received encouraging critics for my death animations in my younger days already. One commentary for a freeware game for kids was "Don´t download this if you are a Christian!". I can only hope, that I have not unlearned anything, but the basics for all dying animations are the motion capturing software anyway...for humans at least. When it comes to four- (or more-)legged beasts, you still have to do it yourself.​

Gotta love those flying spider chunks. And if you want to talk with Jan himself, just hang around our forums.

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