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Credit where credit is due - Fallout

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Credit where credit is due - Fallout

Game News - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Fri 15 August 2003, 16:08:20

Tags: Fallout

GameSpot has finally decided to give Fallout the credit it deserves, with a place in their Greatest Games of All Time series. The author is slightly clueless, but he at least knows a classic when he sees it. Here's a bit of the fun:

Fallout is clearly inspired by Interplay's own 1987 role-playing game, Wasteland, another postapocalyptic RPG. In turn, both these games draw upon the sorts of pop-culture depictions of a grim and chaotic future popularized by influential sci-fi action movies such as The Road Warrior and The Terminator. However, despite its many conscious references to other postapocalyptic sci-fi, Fallout had a style all its own. The premise of the game was that the bombs came crashing down apparently sometime in the 1950s, when Leave it to Beaver and its ilk was all the rage and family values were the in thing. Well, some of society managed to sneak into thickly armored underground bunkers to avoid incineration, but in so doing, these people pretty much locked themselves in a time capsule. At some point in the 21st century, one of those bunkers starts having some technical difficulties and runs out of drinking water. And guess who's the lucky stiff your friends and family decide to send out into the world to find a solution to this life-threatening problem?​

Try bombs falling in 2077, one based on 1950s pulp sci-fi. They also give credit to Black Isle being the developer, even though Fallout was released before Interplay decided to divisionalize. But hey, we can't all know this stuff, can we?

Thanks for the tip off, protobob!

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