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Mask of the Betrayer contest

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Mask of the Betrayer contest

Competition - posted by Vault Dweller on Tue 30 October 2007, 22:54:51

Tags: Neverwinter Nights 2; Obsidian Entertainment

Since Mask of the Betrayer has so many different options and outcomes, we'd like to spread the word about it and a contest with prizes directly from the developers is a good way to do it.

Want to win signed copies of NWN2, MotB, and KOTOR2 from Obsidian? Various memorabilia? A hot date with grandpa Feargus? Click here to see the fine print and details!

Welcome to our Mask of the Betrayer contest!

Since MotB has so many different options and outcomes, we'd like to spread the word about it and a contest with prizes directly from the developers is a good way to do it.

The winners:
1st place: Andreas
Runners-up: Alex, Serch, Mike, Jennifer

<A NAME="alex">Alex[/url]:
The standard conversation with the Founder gives you two options: kill her or leave her in peace. If you've completed a quest giving you Devour Soul ability, you get a dialogue option to devour the Founder's soul. If you try to do that Akachi's will will override your own (I wonder if a strong-willed character can prevail here). However, if you handled the conversation with Myrkul a certain way...

This option will force one of your party members to attack you.



<A NAME="mike">Mike[/url]:
This set shows you the results of an alternative choice made during the conversation with Myrkul.


<A NAME="serch">Serch[/url]:
When you finally make your way to the City of Judgment, you'll have to decide which of your generals needs your support first. If you help Rammaq the demilich first, you'll be able to secure the tomes he needs for his ascension. If you help someone else first, you'll be too late and the tomes will be gone. Notice the reward differences.




<A NAME="jennifer">Jennifer[/url]:
Another City of Judgment series. What surprised me the most is that you can decide to join the defenders and even make peace with Araman, who was your enemy most of the game, and get him to your party. This betrayal causes one of your party members to leave you and become the new leader of the Crusade in your absence. Great way to choose your own enemies.


<A NAME="andreas">Andreas[/url]:

First contribution: Saving Akachi (requires locating all mask fragments):



Second contribution: Saving Private Kaelyn (requires betraying the demilich):

Kaelyn is my favorite character in Mask of the Betrayer. She's the seemingly innocent idealist, bent on breaking down Myrkul's Wall. Though you're unable to fulfill the crusade by any means, leaving the Wall unharmed, Kaelyn is strengthened and motived by the Knight Captain's attempt to tear it town. When I first completed the game, I got the optimal ending: Akachi was freed, everyone was happy, got drunk and lived happily ever after.

Except Kaelyn.

In the time following the second crusade, she kept attacking the wall, with more supporters flocking to her side to help out. Unfortunately, due to her naive and idealistic nature, she struck a deal with the Demilich Rammaq, who lured her into a trap. Though she escaped, her followers were left for dead. Kaelyn returned home, and never uttered another word.

<center> </center>

This made me a sad panda.

Imagine my joy when I loaded up an old save, right before I entered the Betrayer's Gate for the last time. I played through the whole City of Dead, siding with Kaelyn and my old lieutenants, but this time betraying Rammaq. In order to betray him, you need to make sure he doesn't get hold of the books he's craving, thereby denying him godhood. You must let the Vault Keper run off with one of them, and destroy the other. He'll see through your lies, and attack you. Safiya revealed her vampiric tendencies, and feasted on him, leaving the big, bloated skull for dead... err, deader. With no bodyless Skeletor to lure sweet Kaelyn into a trap, her ending was too a happy one.



In other news, I played through once where I didn't give a rat's ass about the crusade, making Kaelyn leave me at the doorstep of the City of Dead, only to later confront me...

Third contribution: Furry badger - pun-pun in disguise

Outside the Ice Troll Berserker Lodge in Mulsantir, a pesky little badger can be
found. Whenever you step inside the fenced area surrounding the lodge,
it will start chasing you. One way to rid the little furball
from the face of Abeir-Toril, is to let it chase you behind the lodge,
where you will get an option to devour it. Oh, joy!

<center> </center>

But there's more than meets the eye when it comes to this little creature.

I was quietly enjoying my journey of slaughter and mayhem when I decided
to pop by the local logde to kill everyone. I challenged their chief, and
a few taunts later they decided that a smart-mouth like me shouldn't be
allowed to go on living. The fight was tough, I admit, but before you could say
Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis, they were all dead.
With the floor covered in dead berserkers, I was looking forward
to looting the corpses in peace, without being disturbed.

But no.

When all was calm and quiet, our pesky little friend from outside decided to show up.
And he wasn't looking very good. In fact, I could've sworn he was bigger.
And he had grown fangs. His eyes could've used a check, too. Far from being
the little cuddly creature I knew and loved, he gleefully attacked me.
And holy shit was he tough. Dragons, Elite Vampires, Hags and the King of Shadow
has nothing on this guy. He's like a miniature Tarrasque.



After several reloads, and plenty of frustration, I finally bested him.
I looted what was left of him, and found nothing but an unindentified ring
and some obsidian. I tossed the ring to Safiya, asking her to identify it.
And there was much joy to be had, for the ring is easily the best piece
of equipement I have found in all of MotB. I'm serial. It has permanent haste,
for Kelemvor's sake. After the triumphant victory, I celebrated with my friends.

How to play:

Take a MotB screenshot showing an interesting in-game event, an event that requires certain past actions or choices and may not occur in every game, and submit it to us, explaining what exactly we are looking at and how you managed to achieve that.

A few examples:

The only way to get One-of-Many to join your party is to devour Okku the bear god's spirit, thus killing a potential party member, pick up his husk, talk to the spirits in the Shadow Temple and instead of devouring the spirits, throwing them out of the crematorium, or putting them all to rest, you pick a dialogue option offering the husk to the spirits.

That's too simple though. Here is a better one:

IF you find an Imaskari rod, and IF you use to open the passage out of the barrow, a lich contained within is released. IF later on you go through the front entrance to see the Coven, the lich shows up and helps you handle a hostile encounter with a bunch of undead peacefully.

Take a screenshot or two of the conversation between the lich and the unfriendly undead, and explain the situation similarly to what I wrote above.

Got the idea?

All screenshots will be posted in a special contest gallery (I'll add a link once we start getting entries). Judging will be done by Obsidian developers, and will be based on the rarity and general awesomeness of what your screenshot shows.


The Grand Prize: Signed copies of Neverwinter Nights 2, Mask of the Betrayer, and Knights of the Old Republic 2.

Runners-up: Obsidian T-Shirts. Chicks totally dig guys who wear Obsidian T-Shirts. Just ask Chris.


  • Each screenshot must be a JPEG and no bigger than 500k.
  • You can send as many shots as you like
  • If two [nearly] identical screenshots are submitted, the first-received entry will be chosen.
  • No tampering with the editor for obvious reasons.

This contest is now closed.

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