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Neverwinter Nights 2

Neverwinter Nights 2

Articles associated with this tag:

21-Sep-2011 TNO Reviews Neverwinter Nights 2
9-Nov-2007 Mysteries of Westgate interview
30-Oct-2007 Mask of the Betrayer contest
27-Apr-2007 Neverwinter Nights 2 interview
30-Mar-2020 Matt Chat 446: Kevin Saunders on Mask of the Betrayer and Storm of Zehir
17-Feb-2020 Matt Chat 441: Annie VanderMeer on Neverwinter Nights 2 and Alpha Protocol
11-Nov-2019 Matt Chat 432: George Ziets on Adventure Construction Set, Earth & Beyond and Neverwinter Nights 2
27-Jun-2018 Josh Sawyer Interview on IGN Unfiltered
1-Jun-2016 Feargus Urquhart's Talk at Digital Dragons 2016
15-Sep-2014 Matt Chat 257: Feargus Urquhart on KOTOR2, NWN2 and Fallout: New Vegas
27-Sep-2013 Tom's Guide on the Rise and Fall of D&D RPGs, with commentary by Feargus Urquhart and Chris Avellone
19-Jun-2013 GOG Summer Sale 2013 Begins
5-Jun-2013 WTF - Baldur's Gate complete remake for NWN2 released
5-Apr-2013 Super D&D Sale at GOG
24-Jan-2013 Neverwinter Nights 2 + Expansions Available on GOG
17-Dec-2012 The Knights of New Vegas: A History Of Obsidian Entertainment
5-Nov-2012 Matt Chat 171: Josh Sawyer on Icewind Dale and Neverwinter Nights
12-Mar-2012 Icewind Dale Complete Remake Mod Released for NWN2
29-Jul-2010 NWN2 alignment is for suckers
14-Mar-2009 Planescape Trilogy - Purgatorio Demo
7-Dec-2008 NWN2 releases new foreign voice-overs
24-Jun-2008 NWN2's mod tools coming to an RPG near you
9-Jun-2008 NWN2 Expansion 'Storm of Zehir' in Development
5-Jun-2008 Purgatorio Interview at IGN's NW Vault
23-Feb-2008 Neverwinter Nights 2 Mac version preview
31-Oct-2007 MotB interview at GameBanshee
29-Oct-2007 GameZone reviews MotB - 8.3
26-Oct-2007 Our Mask of the Betrayer review
20-Oct-2007 GameTap praises MotB - 7/10
17-Oct-2007 MotB review at IGN - 8.5
15-Oct-2007 Eurogamer reviews MotB - 7/10
15-Oct-2007 Mask of the Betrayer reviews
10-Oct-2007 Mask of the Betrayer review at Computer Games - 88%
10-Oct-2007 1UP reviews Mask of the Betrayer - 8/10
6-Sep-2007 Informative Mask of the Betrayer review
28-Jul-2007 NWN2: Mask of the Betrayer interviews
7-Jul-2007 Feargus talks to IGN about Mask of the Betrayer
11-Jun-2007 Feargus talks about NWN2: Mask of the Betrayer
28-May-2007 NWN 2: Mask of the Betrayer interview at Eurogamer
10-May-2007 NWN2: Mask of the Betrayer community update #1
9-May-2007 Neverwinter Nights 2 1.06 Beta patch available
3-May-2007 Chris Avellone talks to Guardian
29-Apr-2007 Neverwinter Nights 2 review at RPG Watch
27-Apr-2007 The Codex NWN2 interview
20-Apr-2007 NWN 2: v1.05 Patch Reloaded
13-Apr-2007 NWN2: MotB interview at GameBanshee
12-Apr-2007 NWN2: Mask of the Betrayer announced
10-Apr-2007 NWN2: Revenge of the Sith expansion!
14-Feb-2007 The Black Hound interview at GameBanshee
31-Jan-2007 NWN2 updates continue apace
29-Jan-2007 Gameguru Mania digs Neverwinter Nights 2
18-Jan-2007 Neverwinter Nights 2 a-ok to Xtreme Gamer
16-Jan-2007 NWN2 review at Game Industry News
11-Jan-2007 Neverwinter Nights 2 Version 1.04 English Beta released
9-Jan-2007 The Black Hound lives!
7-Jan-2007 NWN2 review at Bit-Tech
13-Dec-2006 Neverwinter Nights 2 English Patch 1.03 Final released
6-Dec-2006 RPG Dot does NWN2 - 9/10!
3-Dec-2006 Obsidian chats with Clan DLAN
30-Nov-2006 NWN2 gets kicked by SciFi.com
27-Nov-2006 Neverwinter Nights 2 adulations at Hooked Gamers
24-Nov-2006 NWN2News reviews NWN2 - 9.5
24-Nov-2006 Nevwerwinter Nights 2 double review whammy
19-Nov-2006 Uncompressed reviews NWN2 - 3.5/5
19-Nov-2006 NWN2 review at Gamezilla - Fans Only
14-Nov-2006 1UP insists that NWN2 is crap
9-Nov-2006 NWN 2 review extravaganza
3-Nov-2006 1UP torpedoes NWN2 - 5/10
2-Nov-2006 NWN2 review at GameSpot - 8.6
1-Nov-2006 NWN2 review at Worthplaying
1-Nov-2006 NWN2 first look at GameSpy
1-Nov-2006 NWN2 first impressions at IGN
31-Oct-2006 First NWN2 review - 81% (without the toolset)
24-Oct-2006 NWN2 Beta impressions
17-Oct-2006 NWN 2 went gold
11-Oct-2006 10 reasons to buy NWN2 by JE Sawyer
19-Sep-2006 NWN2 on Halloweenie
18-Sep-2006 NWN2 pregazings at Bytepress
15-Aug-2006 NWN2: Munchkin Edition - must see to believe!
14-Aug-2006 NWN2 ganderings at GameSpot
14-Aug-2006 IGN previews Stronghold 3: NWN2
14-Aug-2006 NWN2: DnD redefined - I live ... again!
12-Aug-2006 NWN2 summary stuff at NWNVault
4-Aug-2006 NWN2 multiplayer semi-public betatest
31-Jul-2006 NWN2 intervoo at Firing Squad
20-Jul-2006 NWN2 delayed
28-Jun-2006 NWN2 pre-schtuff at Armchair Empire
12-Jun-2006 NWN2 ganderings at NWN2 News
6-Jun-2006 NWN2: MCA interview at TVG
2-Jun-2006 MCA and Role-Playing for the People
1-Jun-2006 NWN2 dev chat at NWVault
22-May-2006 NWN2 Toolset 411 at NWNVault
18-May-2006 J.E. Sawyer on RPGs at NWN2News
4-May-2006 MCA and Sawyer combo Q&A at RPG Dot
3-May-2006 Bla bla bla NWN2
2-May-2006 Memoirs of Feargus at CVG
2-May-2006 Trio of NWN2 videos at IGN
26-Apr-2006 NWN2 preview with Uncle Feargie at Hexus
14-Apr-2006 Girls can find love too in NWN2
7-Apr-2006 Feargus talks TVG ear off
6-Apr-2006 But wait! There is more... (NWN2 Q&A, part II)
6-Apr-2006 Feargus talks about NWN2 at Eurogamer
31-Mar-2006 NWN2 Q&A at GameSpot
21-Mar-2006 Sawyer takes over NWN2 development
11-Mar-2006 NWN2 forum stuff from J.E. Sawyer
16-Feb-2006 NWN2 fan interview on official forums
8-Feb-2006 Ferret Baudoin continues his NWN2 PR campaign
25-Jan-2006 NWN2 interview at ActionTrip
18-Jan-2006 Ferret Baudoin NWN2 chatter at Gamecloud
13-Jan-2006 NWN2 rules interview at Warcry
11-Jan-2006 NWN2 interview at RPG Dot
6-Jan-2006 NWN2 posings and pontifications at Sorcy's Palace
2-Jan-2006 NWN2 preview at GameDaily
24-Dec-2005 NWN 2 interview at RPG Vault, part 2 & 3
20-Dec-2005 NWN2 chit chat with RPGVault
20-Dec-2005 NWN2 prelookings at Neverwinter Vault
10-Dec-2005 NWN2 gawkings at Yahoo Games
15-Nov-2005 NWN2 Q&A and preview at 1Up
15-Nov-2005 NWN2 gazings at GameSpot
14-Nov-2005 IGN takes a look at NWN2
28-Oct-2005 NWN2 pregawkings at EuroGamer
26-Oct-2005 The official NWN2 screens are finally here
12-Oct-2005 NWN2 screens extravaganza
11-Oct-2005 PC Gamer reveals first NWN 2 details
23-Jul-2005 MCA wants to be a game designer - you can too!
23-Jul-2005 NWN2 audio interview at RPGDot
14-Jul-2005 Return of teh Jedi: JE Sawyer joins Obsidian
1-Jun-2005 NWN2News talks NWN2 with Frank Kowalkowski
13-May-2005 NWN2/Obsidian queries at GameBanshee
30-Mar-2005 NWN2 junk on Worthplaying
9-Mar-2005 NWN2 Community Roundtable thing part 2
4-Feb-2005 NWN2 Ditches Aurora Engine Toolset
29-Jan-2005 Obsidian Rumor Control
20-Jan-2005 NWN 2 interview: Secrets revealed!
5-Nov-2004 NWN2 Q&A at ActionTrip
16-Sep-2004 1UP Interviews Feargus Urquhart
28-Aug-2004 Feargus strikes again!
25-Aug-2004 Feargus chats with HomeLan
22-Aug-2004 PnP guys talk about D&D in computer games
20-Aug-2004 Feargus talks about NWN 2 the action RPG
17-Aug-2004 Gamespot, Feargus and NWN2
9-Aug-2004 NWN2 Q&A at GameSpy
7-Aug-2004 NWN2 first details @ IGN
6-Aug-2004 Feargie talks about WotC morality guidelines in NWN2
6-Aug-2004 NWN2 kills Obsidian's forums
4-Aug-2004 Obsidian to develop NWN 2

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