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Return of teh Jedi: JE Sawyer joins Obsidian

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Return of teh Jedi: JE Sawyer joins Obsidian

Game News - posted by Vault Dweller on Thu 14 July 2005, 16:21:02

Tags: Josh Sawyer; Neverwinter Nights 2; Obsidian Entertainment

According to this post at Mistress' Lair, JE Sawyer, the beloved son of Black Isle and teh intarnet forums, will join Obsidian next week where he would apply his mad design skillz on NWN2: Seven Sorrows.

Friday is actually my last day at Midway.
So is gaunlet done then Sawyer? Nope.
I am going to work for Obsidian, starting Monday.
Can you tell us what you'll be working on, or is it a MYSTARY (sry, couldn't resist)?
Neverwinter Nights 2.​
Coincidentally, Romero left Midway 3 weeks ago, and if Gauntlet is still unfinished, we shall assume it sucks horribly. Anyway, good luck to JE, it would be nice to see him with Feargus & Co where he belongs

Thanks, Role-Player

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