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NWN2 first impressions at IGN

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NWN2 first impressions at IGN

Review - posted by Vault Dweller on Wed 1 November 2006, 16:50:37

Tags: Neverwinter Nights 2; Obsidian Entertainment

IGN has posted NWN2 first impressions, comparing the game to BG2 and PST, and enjoying it overall.

So far the game seems fairly linear in its progression, though how you go about completing quests is more varied. Side quests can be picked up from a few NPCs in the early towns, though not quite on the scale of something like Baldur's Gate II (at least not yet). What's more interesting are the multiple paths the main narrative can take. Without spoiling too much, we've come across two major instances where the plot can be affected dramatically. Some major characters can be killed, run off, or left in place, and this affects what kinds of quests are available afterwards. Once in Neverwinter, you'll be given a major choice between two paths. Choosing one precludes access to the other, meaning there's an incentive to go back through and discover what was missed. This was especially apparent when at the end of the chosen story path we unlocked a Prestige Class, which are more powerful types of character classes available only when certain conditions are met. We can't be sure what kind of Prestige Class we missed out on by passing on the other progression line, if there was one at all.

While there is a choice on the player's part regarding which path to follow, the path is linear once chosen. We have yet to encounter any kind of open-ended wandering to discover new quests, though this may in fact open up as we continue through the game. So far, each map area has been fairly small in terms of explorable area. It's generally just a path with a beginning and end. Even in Neverwinter, there aren't all that many side quests to pick up. We're not saying there aren't side quests, but there just don't seem to be that many. Also, the side quest goals so far are almost unavoidable as you follow the path prescribed by the main quest. The game seems more focused on the main narrative that opening up and letting the player roam the countryside in search of new adventures. We're still waiting to acquire our own stronghold, however, and like we said before, the game could open up at some point. Even if it doesn't, it's still been a lot of fun to play through so far.​
Sounds pretty good.

Thanks, Kthan.

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