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NWN2 preview with Uncle Feargie at Hexus

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NWN2 preview with Uncle Feargie at Hexus

Preview - posted by Spazmo on Wed 26 April 2006, 19:39:25

Tags: Neverwinter Nights 2; Obsidian Entertainment

Hexus Gaming have a preview of Neverwinter Nights 2 up. Here's some story details:

Okay, you start off in West Harbour and, through having a wander around and chatting to various folk, you find out that years ago, when you were a babe, a great battle was fought on the very spot where West Harbour is. It turns out a bunch ethereal nasties called the Gythyanki were romping over Neverwinter and West Harbour is where humans fought a decisive battle with the bad guys.

During the battle, the source of the Gythyanki’s power, the Sword of Gyth, was shattered causing a massive explosion and sending shards of the sword screaming all over the place. Now it appears that the Gythyanki have come back again, having managed over the years to find all the missing bits of the Sword of Gyth… all the bits except one.

So you’d think that your main quest would be to find the missing shard and stop the Gythyanki, right? Wrong. You see, the missing shard is lodged in you, stuck there when you were but a babe and now it’s part of you… and the Gythyanki know this, so your quest is to evade the Gythyanki and work to gain respect and favour within Neverwinter as you progress along your quest to stop the Gythyanki before they catch you and split you open like a fortune cookie.​
Oh, so you are, in fact, TEH CHOSAN 1, if only because a shard of sword flew into your forehead. At least it didn't wipe your memory (I hope). Still, to Obsidian's credit, the Githyanki are really, really cool (come on, they have pet red dragons and their queen eats anyone who hits level 16 so they can't present a threat to her) and sorely underused compared to standard evil races like goblins and drow and so on.
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