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NWN2 fan interview on official forums

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NWN2 fan interview on official forums

Interview - posted by Spazmo on Thu 16 February 2006, 21:41:40

Tags: Neverwinter Nights 2; Obsidian Entertainment

This one is shorter than the Gothic III interview, but apparently it's a weekly thing. Anyways, community manager dude Shane DeFreest (wasn't he the guy who handled community managing stuff on Bloodlines? Small world) posted five answered questions about Obsidian's upcoming NWN2 on the official forums thereof.
2) Will there be a hardcoded penalty to being an evil subrace? I think it would make sense to give drow and duergar a penalty to appraise/diplomacy/bluff/intimidate when dealing with surface races, especially when dealing with drow vs. elves (even more animosity there). I know, it is better for modders to do this themselves, but we all know that they won't. Far better to make it opt out than opt in. I just think it's pretty farsical for the game mechanics to treat drow exactly the same as moon elves in this regard. I think it would make playing one of these subraces more interesting and immersive.

Ferret: It’s been discussed before but we’re focusing our reactivity efforts on players’ choices they make during gameplay, not character creation. That being said something like this is doable – and we’ll look into it. No promises, but it’s now on the List™.
NO! BAD FERRET! Player choices during character creation had better be important, otherwise what's the point of character creation?
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