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NWN2 Q&A and preview at 1Up

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NWN2 Q&A and preview at 1Up

Interview - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Tue 15 November 2005, 19:48:46

Tags: Feargus Urquhart; Neverwinter Nights 2

1Up has a combo preview and interview about Neverwinter Nights 2. The preview part is fairly lackluster, but there's fun things in the interview section like:
1UP: You've been working with Dungeons & Dragons on several games, for many years. Do you ever find it restrictive?

Feargus Urquhart:
I think a lot of it is...when you first start making games you're just really excited, and at some point it comes to: "I want to make the game I want to make." And then eventually you get over that, and you realize that this is your job -- you get to come in every morning and make games, and hang out with the press, and go to E3 and all those things. You get over the idea that there are things you can't do exactly the way you want to do them. Of course: there's a license and there are rules to follow. But the good thing is that if you accept the license for what it is, you can tell whatever story you want. It's almost the difference between a good fantasy movie and a bad fantasy movie: In a good fantasy movie, the fantasy is just a backdrop, and the story is the reason you watch. How we try to look at our games is...we can tell whatever story we want, or do whatever we want with the game; we're just doing it within a license. Having said that, do we get frustrated? Of course.

Let's say we want a monster to look or act a certain way and it's something that Wizards of the Coast doesn't feel fits in with Forgotten Realms -- then we don't get to do it. And sometimes we put time and energy and emotion into it...and it kind of blows. But you roll with it. If you're saying that the license is stopping you from making the game, maybe that's an excuse. Maybe you need to try harder. We've all played licensed games that are amazing, and we've all played licensed games that have sucked ass. It's all about how the developer goes about it.

Okay, you're a painter.. But you can only paint fruit. See, fruit paintings is what the majority of people out there are willing to buy. You may want to paint more detailed landscapes, but those only appeal to a smaller segment of the population so you can't. For you, there's fruit. Aren't you happy you became a painter?

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