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NWN2 preview at GameDaily

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NWN2 preview at GameDaily

Preview - posted by Vault Dweller on Mon 2 January 2006, 18:09:03

Tags: Neverwinter Nights 2; Obsidian Entertainment

GameDaily has posted a preview of Neverwinter Nights 2. The reviewer had played KOTOR 2, and thus, he's very enthusiastic about NWN2.

The original Neverwinter Nights was developed by Bioware, so it's no surprise that this sequel, which is being handled by Obsidian, carries such a theme. Similar to some of the other games in both team's catalogue, you're going to make numerous decisions that will not only shape who you become but the world around you, because like it or not, you won't remain an average for very long. Raiders suddenly storm your village, and although you and your fellow kinsmen successfully defeat them, you come to the realization that your quaint and secluded town harbors a dark secret. It was once a battlefield that hosted a bloody conflict between the King of Shadows and the very forces of Neverwinter, but apparently, its conclusion is a mystery. So it appears that part of the reason why you begin your quest is to discover why these raiders were so interested in the land, and to also figure out the history of the land.

I don't know if you can actually kill your party members, but I do know that your decisions will impact the lives of others. In fact, during the course of the campaign you will make life and death decisions. Not sure if you can wipe out entire villages, but hundreds, maybe even thousands could die.​
Killing "hundreds, maybe even thousands" is, obviously, extremely cool, but not as cool as enslaving nations with necromancy.

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