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Mask of the Betrayer review at Computer Games - 88%

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Mask of the Betrayer review at Computer Games - 88%

Review - posted by Vault Dweller on Wed 10 October 2007, 15:05:02

Tags: Neverwinter Nights 2; Obsidian Entertainment

Computer Games has posted a detailed review of Mask of the Betrayer, giving it 88% and noting "great dialogues" and "lots of choices and consequences":

However, Mask of the Betrayer is without a doubt one of the most pleasant surprises of the year and further proof that Obsidian Entertainment can create quality RPGs if no one is standing with a shotgun at their backs to get the game done as soon as possible (yes, LucasArts, I’m looking at you). It’s also true however that if on the story, dialogues and character fronts MotB is an excellent example of how things should be done, on the technical and bug-fixing aspect, Obsidian still has some work to do.

Regardless of these problems however, Mask of the Betrayer is a triumph which should be saluted by all RPG fans, since it proves once and for all that “old school” RPG principles – wonderful story, interesting characters, great dialogues – which seem to have been forgotten by newer “RPGs”, are still as valid as ever. All that remains now is for The Witcher to rise up to the challenge, thus giving us solid reasons to hope for a new golden age for RPGs on the PC.​
Good review, Bossman. :salute:

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