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NWN2 review at Bit-Tech

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NWN2 review at Bit-Tech

Review - posted by Vault Dweller on Sun 7 January 2007, 15:37:13

Tags: Neverwinter Nights 2; Obsidian Entertainment

Bit Tech has posted a detailed NWN2 review. The verdict is "Is NWN2 a bad game? Absolutely not. Is it a good game? Not really, at least in its current form", the score is 8.

The game's premise is good, its framework is excellent, and its execution is mediocre. If you're looking for the splendid storytelling of Baldur's Gate 2 with better graphics, this misses - but not because of the story. The basic ingredients are all there - a well-done battle system, a party system that feels comfortable, even well-written dialogue between party members. Voice acting can be very good in places, and the actual play (bugs notwithstanding) is genuinely fun. The game also includes a tremendously successful community and wonderful developer support. That's something I can't even say about a lot of games that were nearly perfect right out of the box.
However, one can't rate the game solely on its promise to be better in the future, however assured that will be. The official campaign is actually good in story, but pitiful in the world-building details that make a good game. Parts of the engine make it feel like it was trying to be something else, when it should have just stuck to what it's good at. And sitting under all of that poor level design and one-dimensional presentation is an engine that is at its very core flawed and bugged. It looks bad and acts worse. Is it patchable? Surely, but that's not what I had in front of me to review, even 2 months later.​
A bit too harsh, but kinda hard to argue with.

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