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Feargus talks about NWN 2 the action RPG

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Feargus talks about NWN 2 the action RPG

Interview - posted by Vault Dweller on Fri 20 August 2004, 02:38:06

Tags: Neverwinter Nights 2; Obsidian Entertainment

Feargus Urquhart, who has become very popular lately, has added another interview to his PR collection.

On the multiplayer perspective, when we reacquainted ourselves with the first Neverwinter, we found that you just didn't seem to get access to all the things you wanted to do fast enough. Your characters could do all these cool things, get new feats as you go up in levels, but you just couldn't get access to them--it was always like you had to hotkey everything and use multiple function keys. So we're trying come up with key mechanisms to give players direct access to the feats they want to use. An example that I was kind of using was instead of point-and-click, a more third-person view than isometric, using the "WASD" keyboard to control the character in the world. When they're facing a monster and double click the forward key (W) that will do like a power attack. Some people will criticize that and say, "You're making it more like an action game." But we're not making it more into an action game; it's something it already does, but you now have better access to it. And so we want to have things like that. Also, because a lot of us play MMOs, we're looking at targeting things, so you can kinda run around targeting that creature--that'll great for a spell caster--you wouldn't have to worry about constantly clicking. You could just fireball where you were previously targeting so it leaves you free to move around and combat better. I guess they make sense in single player as well but it's more useful for multiplayer because people aren't pausing the game and there's a lot more going on.​
And some people were afraid that NWN2 is going to suck...

Thanks, Pope_Viper!

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