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Our Mask of the Betrayer review

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Our Mask of the Betrayer review

Review - posted by Vault Dweller on Fri 26 October 2007, 16:48:33

Tags: Neverwinter Nights 2; Obsidian Entertainment

I've finished Obsidian's Mask of the Betrayer twice and was pleasantly surprised at how good and well-crafted the game was. Allow me to share my excitement with you:

That’s where the game starts to shine so brightly that you completely forget about any flaws the game has and get lost in a well crafted gameworld. It’s like a dream come true – a non-linear game loaded with well-written dialogues, interesting quests, more choices than you can handle, and enough consequences and to make the game highly replayable. It’s hard to imagine a better feature list.

I can't stress it enough. The choices are everywhere. There are plenty of consequences. What you did may even cost party members their lives. Many characters respond to and recognize your choices, commenting on what you did and affecting your gameplay. I couldn't believe how many opportunities to do things differently the game offers.​
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