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GoneGold loves Fallout, UltimaIV

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GoneGold loves Fallout, UltimaIV

Editorial - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Sat 18 October 2003, 14:08:18

Tags: Fallout

I noticed over at GoneGold that Bill has put up a list of eight games he thinks were evo-revolutionarily cool, across all platforms, and the two CRPGs listed were Fallout and Ultima IV. Here's what he said about Fallout:

8. Fallout (PC, 1997). From the unforgettable opening cinema (watching it made me more excited to play a game than I've ever been before or since) to the equally unforgettable ending, Fallout was a gripping experience. The post-apocalyptic environment was gritty and the world was very grim, two qualities that computer games have rarely possessed in such satisfying quantities.​

It brings a tear to my eye.

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