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Old logs and next week

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Old logs and next week

Interview - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Wed 22 October 2003, 12:17:07

Tags: Malfador Machinations; Space Empires: Starfury

Welp, the chat with Malfador and Shrapnel Games is concluded(Adam West of Crosscut didn't make it until a few hours later, so we'll have to do some things with him later - he promised!). Anyway, here's the chat log of the thing. Here's a snippet:

[Katchoo] Aaron or Richard, have either of you gone after anyone for software piracy?
[Exitium] It connects to an online server for registration purposes.
[Exitium] Of course, it's crackable too.
[Shrapnel_Richard] Not as a publisher policy, developers can do as they wish. We're a pretty hands off publisher.
[Shrapnel_Richard] I have, many times.
[Instar] wow, that has to suck for non internet gamers
[Exitium] But it would be much more effective than securom or safedisc, by far.
[Shrapnel_Richard] Even had the FBI involved.
[Instar] Maybe CD keys
[Exitium] Instar: hmm, point noted. Guess it's not viable.
[Exitium] cd keys? crackable.
[Mephisto] Large scale, Richard?
[Malfador] Nope, its pretty hopeless. And the CD check is only to stop simple copying by casual users.
[TerranC] that's nice to know
[Katchoo] Sweet! Kick some butt Richard (y)
[Exitium] They're cracked on a 0-day basis just like everything else.
[Saint_Proverbius] Richard: You should put a list of people convicted of pirating Shrapnel games on your site.
[Instar] Yeah, but one more thing, and if PBW cooperated, they could only let one copy of the CD play
[Shrapnel_Richard] No, just site by site. The sites link to our site with a graphic. I pull a web log report and track them down that way. Pretty silly.​

There you have it. Warezers are really, really stupid.

Now, next week we're going to have a lovely chat with Russobit-M and Horns and Hooves about their recently announced Phase: Exodus, the post apocalyptic, turn based CRPG. Here's the info on the chat:

When: Next tuesday, October 28th at 8PM Eastern US Time(5PM Pacific)
Where: #rpgcodex on irc.gamesnet.net
Who: Russobit-M and Horns and Hooves
Why: Because Russobit-M is way, way cooler than CDProjekt.​

Good deal!

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