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Nothing good in the CRPG industry?

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Nothing good in the CRPG industry?

Editorial - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Tue 11 November 2003, 03:25:11

Tags: Josh Sawyer

I was shown an interesting bit from J.E. Sawyer in this post on the Interplay forums. I'll let his words speak the truth for themselves:

I haven't worked on any revolutionary games. It's even arguable that I haven't worked on any evolutionary games. Right now, though, I don't even know of any companies that are currently developing revolutionary or evolutionary CRPGs for PC. There may be some outside of the U.S., but it seems pretty dry around here.

There's no reason anyone should expect big things from me. If you play something great in the future and happen to notice my name in the credits, that's fine. If you never see my name again, why does it matter?

I have to agree with the above about North American developers. The rest.. Well.. Sounds like J.E. Sawyer needs stronger happy meds.

Thanks, Mr. Teatime!

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