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ZBoard for NWN inspected by Sorcerer's Place

ZBoard for NWN inspected by Sorcerer's Place

Review - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Sat 15 November 2003, 02:25:35

Tags: Neverwinter Nights

Here's the review of the ZBoard keyboard with NWN package dealie for playing Neverwinter Nights on the thing. This is part of what was said:

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The Neverwinter Nights keyset I reviewed is lavishly decorated with Neverwinter Nights artwork all over the face, with artwork around the keys indicating their NWN functionality. That brings me to my only complaint with the NWN keyset: Most of the keys on the interface are the size and shape of small round gamepad buttons with the labelling not on the keys themselves, but in the spaces between them. Now this isn't a major consideration when playing a module in single-player mode, but when you play online, and use the chat interface frequently, the small keys make for an awkward typing experience.​

I always figured a custom keyboard for Neverwinter Nights would just be a huge spacebar that plugs in to the USB port.

However, since buying them from our banner pool thingy supports keeping us staying online, they do make great Christmas gifts - even for people without computers, so buy a dozen of them!

Thanks, Taluntain!

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