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Damien Foletto talks about games at GameBanshee

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Damien Foletto talks about games at GameBanshee

Editorial - posted by Vault Dweller on Mon 12 January 2004, 15:25:36

Tags: Damien Foletto; Fallout

GameBanshee posted this editorial written by Damien Foletto, formely of Black Isle, currently of Silver Style (hey, that rhymes:)). Anyway, first Damien talked about good ol' Fallout as no RPG editorial is complete without mentioning the holy name.

Quietly, yet hot on the heals of a reborn PCRPG market came another game that would prove that PCRPG’s could not only be fun, but also open-ended, thought provoking, and provide a pretty accurate model for displaying consequences for one’s actions. Fallout took gamers out of the dungeons of old and slapped them into a subtly campy, 1950’s interpretation of a post-apocalyptic future where the player was tasked with a basic endeavor – survival. But it was not only his survival he had to worry about, but the survival of his fellow vault dwellers. Moral choices were strewn throughout the wasteland and the player could tackle quests in pretty much any way they saw fit. Fallout was a true role-playing game and fans of the genre could not have been more pleased.​
And then when the crowd was ready, Damien decided to expand the definition of the RPG genre by stating that...

Games like the Sims have proven that PC games can be big money. And once again, when we look at the fundamental game play of the Sims, we can see a PCRPG. Granted, there are no actual quests or even a story line, but the player does make their own character and develops that character through interactions with other NPC’s. RPG-lite, true, but still a basic RPG at its core.​
Well, we wish Damien to get well soon and we're looking forward to the next Sim game from Silver Style

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