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Worthplaying highly recommends HotU

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Worthplaying highly recommends HotU

Review - posted by Vault Dweller on Tue 20 January 2004, 15:54:51

Tags: Neverwinter Nights: Hordes of the Underdark

Worthplaying posted this review of HotU giving it 9 out of 10

I like how the game sends you right into battle. You don't have much time to loose before you wake up from your dream and find someone looting your room. You engage in battle and find yourself off on your quest very quickly. As you begin to dwell through the first few areas, the first being a dungeon, I couldn't help but stop and look around as I saw a lot of artwork that made it feel like I was playing Baldurs Gate, not Neverwinter Nights. I stopped in a room where a beholder attacks in the beginning of your quest and thought it was Baldurs Gate. You get the feeling very early on with the quality of sounds, music, textures and a story that's interesting up front, that the level of development here was not going to disappoint. This is a well made game and Bioware is reasserting its prowess as a heavyweight in quality RPG experiences.

On a side note if you look into some of the early reviews of NWN, you will find ok ratings but not great ones. Most reviews said the story and game play was ok, but after years of development the experience was a little disappointing to some. Now, if many people were to go back and change their rating it would be higher. This is simply because of all the tools and support that were built into the game for mod makers and dungeon masters to make worlds of their own. If the game play and story in the original were on the level of Hordes I think initial reviews would have been higher. This is important because Bioware is busily working on it's next alchemy and creating a good single player experience is probably going to boost consumer confidence for their next outing.
If. If is a good word. If the story in the original was better, if the gameplay was deeper, if all the promises were fulfilled, and, of course, if reviewers didn't overhype it, then it could have been a much better game

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