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Neverwinter Nights: Hordes of the Underdark

Neverwinter Nights: Hordes of the Underdark

Articles associated with this tag:

21-Jan-2015 Brent Knowles Interview: An Insider's Look at BioWare, 2000-2009
17-Mar-2004 HOTU hangs on to sales chart for dear life
5-Mar-2004 HotU wrap report at RPG Vault
29-Feb-2004 Gameguru's indepth review of HotU
28-Feb-2004 NWN games on TechTV
27-Feb-2004 HotU is AWSOME! says Kenston High School
26-Feb-2004 Hordes fun love at Ferrago
12-Feb-2004 Discworld sums up HotU
11-Feb-2004 Quandary endorses HotU
11-Feb-2004 HotU scores at C&VG
9-Feb-2004 HotU sweet tithings at NetJak
8-Feb-2004 HotU adds Armchair Empire to it's harem
29-Jan-2004 Hordes steams up RPGDot's glasses
25-Jan-2004 GCM approves of HotU
24-Jan-2004 Digital News calls HotU a top RPG expansion pack
22-Jan-2004 Adrenaline Vault likes HotU
20-Jan-2004 Worthplaying highly recommends HotU
6-Jan-2004 GameShark likes HOTU
3-Jan-2004 RPG Fan promotes HotU
3-Jan-2004 GameShark likes choices in HotU
1-Jan-2004 HOTU celebrations at GamePlasma
31-Dec-2003 Khabal has some gripes about HotU
29-Dec-2003 GameZone thinks that HotU has depth
27-Dec-2003 RPG Vault likes HotU and prestige classes
24-Dec-2003 Game Revolution approves of HotU
22-Dec-2003 VideoGamesLife likes HotU
19-Dec-2003 WarCry thinks that Bio is a beacon of light in the darkness
19-Dec-2003 Just RPG declares its undying love to HotU and NWN
19-Dec-2003 Just RPG turns up Barry White for HotU
18-Dec-2003 1Up gives Hordes a little Christmas goose
18-Dec-2003 NWN dev chat @ NW Vault
16-Dec-2003 Judgement passed on HotU at Jolt Online Gaming
16-Dec-2003 Gamer's Hell PROFESHUNAL reviews HotU
14-Dec-2003 Hordes horizontal bopping at GameBanshee
12-Dec-2003 FiringSquad dashboard lights HotU
10-Dec-2003 ActionTrip pitches a pants tent for HotU
10-Dec-2003 GameSpy hops all over HotU
9-Dec-2003 GameSpot thumbs up for HOTU
4-Dec-2003 GamesDomain also loves HOTU
4-Dec-2003 Accolades for HOTU at IGN
4-Dec-2003 HotU posers and ponderings at Warcry
2-Dec-2003 ToTheGame adores HOTU
2-Dec-2003 Hordes of the Underdark hits stores
25-Nov-2003 Action Trip checks out Hordes
18-Nov-2003 HOTU gone Gold
18-Nov-2003 Hordes trailer over at Fileshack
11-Nov-2003 Hordes of the Underdark prelim at PC.IGN
10-Nov-2003 Underdark movies at NWVault
28-Oct-2003 ToTheGame quizzes HOTU devs
25-Oct-2003 Hordes chit chat at GameBanshee
25-Oct-2003 Hordes Q&A over at NWVault
23-Oct-2003 GameSpot looks at HOTU
23-Oct-2003 More Hordes feats at RPGVault
19-Oct-2003 Hordes posers at HomeLAN Fed
7-Oct-2003 Underdark gawked by PC.IGN
1-Oct-2003 RPGVault goes in-depth on HotU feats again
24-Sep-2003 RPGvault Feats Feature on HotU
11-Sep-2003 Underdark glimpse at UGO
26-Aug-2003 GameSpot has a HotU preview also
26-Aug-2003 GameSpy gawks at Hordes of Underdark
11-Aug-2003 Hordes of the Underdark pre-gander at GameSpy
17-May-2003 SoU E3 preview at PC.IGN also
15-May-2003 NWN XP2...
28-Oct-2002 NWN Expansion RUMOR

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