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GameSpot tells you all about Beyond Divinity

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GameSpot tells you all about Beyond Divinity

Preview - posted by Vault Dweller on Fri 27 February 2004, 13:45:51

Tags: Beyond Divinity

GameSpot posted a preview of Beyond Divinity, one of the very few RPGs of 2004 we're looking forward to.

Beyond Divinity will offer even more options than its predecessor's already impressive skill system. In the original game, you could create virtually any kind of character because there weren't any real restrictions like those found in conventional role-playing games. That meant you could create a wizard character with thief skills or a warrior character who could cast wizard spells. In Beyond Divinity, there's a highly detailed skill system that lets you improve your proficiency in weapons and spellcasting. For example, if you choose to invest in your swordfighting skill, you can choose between single-handed and double-handed weapons, and in each of these categories you can improve crushing, slashing, and piercing. And in each of these categories, you can improve accuracy, damage, weapon durability, critical hits, and deathblow percentages. So it will be quite possible to have a swordfighting character that specializes in slashing attacks, while another swordfighting character could specialize in stabbing attacks.​
Hey, that sounds even better then my system :)

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