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More KOTOR 2 confirmations and rumors

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More KOTOR 2 confirmations and rumors

Game News - posted by Vault Dweller on Tue 23 March 2004, 15:37:34

Tags: Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II - The Sith Lords

Ferrago posted a short article that says that Bioware confirmed that Obsidian is working on KOTOR 2. No explanation is provided though. SPOnG also <a href=http://spong.com/detail/news.asp?mode=news&type=n&cid=&pid=&vid=&prid=6366>reported[/url] that KOTOR 2 is already in a fully playable form.

As we revealed back in October of last year, a sequel to Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic is underway at new developer Obsidian, with BioWare passing the high-profile torch to its favoured partner.

The news, which is to be finalised in a US gaming magazine next month, cements gossip that a new game in the beloved RPG series is well into development, enough so to already be in fully playable form.

From what we were told last year, KOTOR 2 will be set years after the original game, and will feature an entirely new cast of characters, though the basic play mechanic of the original will remain unchanged.

Expect shots and further info shortly, as well as KOTOR 2 making a significant splash at this May's E3 in Los Angeles.​
Well, if the info is correct, thank God for the "entirely new cast of characters"!

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