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Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II - The Sith Lords

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II - The Sith Lords

Articles associated with this tag:

24-Jun-2004 KOTOR II: Interview with Frank Kowalkowski
6-Apr-2020 Matt Chat 447: Kevin Saunders on Knights of the Old Republic II, His Early Career and His Legacy
4-Feb-2017 Feargus Urquhart Interview on IGN Unfiltered
21-Jul-2015 WTF: Knights of the Old Republic II gets new official patch, TSLRCM now available via Steam Workshop
20-Jan-2015 Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 1 & 2 Released on GOG
15-Sep-2014 Matt Chat 257: Feargus Urquhart on KOTOR2, NWN2 and Fallout: New Vegas
8-Sep-2014 Matt Chat 256: Feargus Urquhart on the Life and Death of Black Isle Studios
5-Sep-2013 Chris Avellone Interview Roundup
31-Jul-2013 Nostalgic KOTOR 2 Retrospective Podcast at Eurogamer
5-Apr-2013 Chris Avellone talks about Torment, Wasteland 2, Eternity, and more at Rock Paper Shotgun
21-Mar-2013 Chris Avellone Interview at Aggrogamer
8-Feb-2013 Obsidian Pitching New Star Wars Game
2-Jan-2013 M4-78 Droid Planet Mod for KOTOR2 Released!
17-Dec-2012 The Knights of New Vegas: A History Of Obsidian Entertainment
29-Oct-2012 Fallout to Project Eternity: Brian Menze Editorial at Penny Arcade
26-Jul-2012 KOTOR II Content Restoration Project Complete
7-Jul-2012 Voice acting in RPGs - yay or nay?
15-Mar-2010 KOTOR2: TSL Restored Content Mod is Final
3-Dec-2009 Kreia gonna carry me to my grave
20-Oct-2009 Chris Avellone visits the KOTOR 2 Fortress of Regrets
29-Sep-2009 This is Like That Thing Team Gizka was Talking About
24-Apr-2009 Five features that irreversibly ruined gaming forever
24-Aug-2007 KOTOR 2 review at Thunderbolt Games
13-Dec-2005 KOTOR 2 gets a beating
1-Oct-2005 KOTOR2's media updated
26-May-2005 KotOR2 done up by nV News
28-Apr-2005 SW: KOTOR2 Europe Patches
14-Apr-2005 KOTOR2 patched
27-Mar-2005 KotOR2 loving heapfuls from Junkyard
19-Mar-2005 KOTOR2 Tweak Guide
19-Mar-2005 Bizarre KOTOR 2 review at 2404
11-Mar-2005 GiN: KOTOR 2 combat is cleverly designed TB
9-Mar-2005 TheForce.Net analyzes KOTOR 2 incomplete state
7-Mar-2005 KOTOR 2 trashed at Prodigious Gaming
7-Mar-2005 Good-Evil reviews KOTOR 2 (and other games too!)
4-Mar-2005 KOTOR2 reviewed at RPGVault
2-Mar-2005 KotOR2 heavily fondled by Worthplaying
2-Mar-2005 Chris Avellone Talks KOTOR2 Upgrades
28-Feb-2005 KOTOR II Hits Number 1 Spot
27-Feb-2005 Hilarious KOTOR 2 review at Tom's Hardware
22-Feb-2005 Sith Lords Update Inbound
21-Feb-2005 KOTOR 2 gets a Game Arena blowjob
17-Feb-2005 KotOR2 mixes up Action Trip
16-Feb-2005 GameSpy Criticizes KOTOR2
14-Feb-2005 Tons of KOTOR 2 reviews & opinions
9-Feb-2005 KotOR2 grooves IGN
8-Feb-2005 KOTOR2 PC jubilation at GameSpot
7-Feb-2005 KotOR2 first impressions at RPGVault
5-Feb-2005 GameSpy pleased with KOTOR2 (PC)
1-Feb-2005 KOTOR 2 approved at RPG Dot
1-Feb-2005 KotOR2 glimspings at GameSpy
29-Jan-2005 PC.IGN Fluffs KOTOR 2
28-Jan-2005 KOTOR II review extravaganza
25-Jan-2005 KOTOR2 PC Q&A at GameSpot
13-Jan-2005 KOTOR 2 review at GameOver
12-Jan-2005 KOTOR 2 trashing continues at GameCritics
9-Jan-2005 More heat on KOTOR 2 - GMR review
9-Jan-2005 GameCell thoroughly trashes KOTOR 2
30-Dec-2004 Negative but retarded opinion on KOTOR 2
28-Dec-2004 KOTOR 2 wrap report, Part 2
24-Dec-2004 KOTOR 2 wrap report at RPG Vault
22-Dec-2004 Gamezilla: KOTOR 2 - carbon copy of the original
20-Dec-2004 Game Revolution examines KOTOR 2
20-Dec-2004 eToychest bitches about KOTOR 2
18-Dec-2004 MCA's designer ramblings
18-Dec-2004 UGO: KOTOR 2 is awesome!
18-Dec-2004 KOTOR 2: Expansion or Sequel?
16-Dec-2004 Something stupid about KOTOR 2 at GamesRadar
16-Dec-2004 KOTOR 2: Not enough puzzles and too much text
16-Dec-2004 KOTOR 2: Not as good as the original
9-Dec-2004 GameSpy: KOTOR2 is Great
9-Dec-2004 KOTOR2 Reviewed by 1Up
7-Dec-2004 GamePro likes KOTOR II story
7-Dec-2004 TeamXbox praises KOTOR 2 ... sorta
7-Dec-2004 GameSpot: KOTOR 2=More of the same
4-Dec-2004 IGN opens up KOTOR 2 review season
2-Dec-2004 Whys and wherefores of Dark Side explored at IGN
1-Dec-2004 Romance in KOTOR2
30-Nov-2004 Chris Avellone Talks About NPC Interaction
26-Nov-2004 KOTOR II gone gold!
19-Nov-2004 KotOR2 hype train continues at IGN
19-Nov-2004 KotOR2 lookings at CVG
17-Nov-2004 KOTOR2 Dev Diary at GameSpot
11-Nov-2004 KotOR2 spyings at GameSpot
11-Nov-2004 GameSpy & Feargus talk KOTOR2
10-Nov-2004 KOTOR2 previewed at Gamers.com
5-Nov-2004 Two page KOTOR2 interview at IGN... about lightsabers
30-Oct-2004 KotOR2 gets a new site
21-Oct-2004 KOTOR II Interview at PlayMoreConsoles
20-Oct-2004 KotOR 2 checked out at Action Trip
19-Oct-2004 KOTOR II preview at ActionTrip
13-Oct-2004 Question on KOTOR II answered on RPG Vault
10-Oct-2004 KOTOR II: Korriban Planet Preview
6-Oct-2004 Designer Diary by Chris Avellone
2-Oct-2004 MCA pens KOTOR2 dev diary for GameSpot
26-Sep-2004 KOTOR 2 mini-game: Count the Sith Lords
17-Sep-2004 Feargus Urquhart on Release Dates
14-Sep-2004 KOTOR 2 - suffering from amnesia according to IGN
10-Sep-2004 KOTOR2 PC delayed
21-Aug-2004 KOTOR2 Telos preview on IGN
20-Aug-2004 KOTOR II: The Sith Lords - Coming Winter 2004
14-Aug-2004 KOTOR 2 forum news
1-Aug-2004 Tons of new KOTOR II info
28-Jul-2004 KotOR II to have Fallouty type endings
28-Jul-2004 KotOR II trailer released
26-Jul-2004 K2 update: hilts are out, gameplay stuff is in
15-Jul-2004 KotOR2 offerings at IGN
15-Jul-2004 KotOR2 seen by GameSpy
15-Jul-2004 GameSpot takes a look at KOTOR 2
15-Jul-2004 KOTOR 2 impressions at HomeLan
14-Jul-2004 KotOR2 queries at HomeLAN Fed
13-Jul-2004 KOTOR 2 dev diary at LucasArts official site
9-Jul-2004 RPGVault finish up their KotOR2 interview
9-Jul-2004 Sith Lords designer diary at GameSpot
3-Jul-2004 KOTOR II interview at RPG Vault, Part I
29-Jun-2004 KotOR2 peeping at LucasFiles
24-Jun-2004 Our local interview with Frank K on KotOR2
20-Jun-2004 KOTOR II Q&A at TheForce
19-Jun-2004 Two KOTOR interviews at PlayMoreConsoles and TeamXbox
15-Jun-2004 KOTOR II: The Sith Lords Release Date
13-Jun-2004 Kotor II preview-interview at EGM
12-Jun-2004 KOTOR II for Christmas?
11-Jun-2004 KOTOR II preview at VGL
5-Jun-2004 MCA interview part 2 up at Winterwind
1-Jun-2004 Valhalla Gamers talks with Feargus
28-May-2004 From K2 forums: He lives again!...and again...and again...
28-May-2004 Feargus talks about KOTOR II
25-May-2004 KOTOR II forums news
22-May-2004 KOTOR2 Deep Sixed
20-May-2004 KOTOR II E3 demo impressions
20-May-2004 KOTOR II preview at Team Xbox
18-May-2004 Warcry looks at KOTOR2
13-May-2004 Indepth KOTOR 2 preview at IGN
12-May-2004 KOTOR II hands-on impressions at IGN
12-May-2004 First KOTOR 2 movies at GameSpot
11-May-2004 KOTOR 2 preview at GameBanshee
9-May-2004 Fresh Sith Lords preview at GameSpot
5-May-2004 KotOR2 official announcement and GameSpot preview
26-Apr-2004 Another site reprints the EGM article
26-Apr-2004 KOTOR 2 previewed at EuroGamer
25-Apr-2004 KOTOR 2 scans
23-Apr-2004 First KOTOR 2 details
23-Mar-2004 More KOTOR 2 confirmations and rumors
20-Mar-2004 KOTOR 2 confirmed?
12-Feb-2004 Obsidian is hiring
7-Feb-2004 Obsidian Entertainment forums open
14-Oct-2003 More KotOR2 speculation
6-Aug-2003 Feargus is back in black

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