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eToychest bitches about KOTOR 2

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eToychest bitches about KOTOR 2

Review - posted by Vault Dweller on Mon 20 December 2004, 14:11:36

Tags: Obsidian Entertainment; Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II - The Sith Lords

eToychest has posted a review of KOTOR 2, following the established pattern by criticizing many issues, yet giving it 83%.

While these additions are fine, it’s nothing compared to some of the things that have been left out (or incidentally added). One blaring issue is an almost complete lack of character development in the story. While you do learn more about characters as your influence builds, there is close to nothing when it comes to actual parts of the game where characters outside the main are truly involved. What’s worse is the fact that the characters available in KOTOR II are just as well designed (if not, better) then the previous set. Without revealing the storyline from either game, it’s fair to say that the main character this time around pales in comparison to his/her predecessor.

Another thing that LOADING hampers the game is the amount of loading. During several parts of the game, you’ll be required to go through several LOADING zones in order to complete tasks given. One example LOADING is a quest where a doctor must be cleared of murder charges. The whole mission took LOADING oodles longer then it really seemed like it should (like five minutes instead of the fifteen due to the nearly 30 second load times between zones). It really felt LOADING like I was playing the Star Wars version of Stuntman instead of KOTOR II. Even the framerate during parts of the game where action got thick was slowed down to a LOADING crawl. With the graphics being practically identical to the original, there should be no reason at all for this game to run like a sleepy hutt.​
I'm beginning to suspect that there are some loading issues there

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