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KOTOR 2 approved at RPG Dot

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KOTOR 2 approved at RPG Dot

Review - posted by Vault Dweller on Tue 1 February 2005, 22:27:49

Tags: Obsidian Entertainment; Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II - The Sith Lords

RPG Dot has posted a <a href=http://www.rpgdot.com/index.php?hsaction=10053&ID=1082>review[/url] of Knights of the Old Republic II. The game has scored 86% and the rare RPG Dot Gold Award.

Character creation - which I consider an essential element to any good RPG - was outstanding in KotOR 2, but role playing pleasure was somewhat deficient at the same time. While I am sure that there are many who enjoy taking on the role of various NPCs throughout the game, I found the all-too-often mandatory relegation of the in game role playing to be more frustrating than enhancing to the overall gaming pleasure. For example - playing the light sided Jedi that my hero was - I did not enjoy being dropped, in game and without any notice or preparation, into the role (in my case) of Mira. In that situation - I found myself suddenly in her shoes (and seeing her capabilities, weaknesses, equipment, etc. for the first time), in an underground arena, and faced off in a life-death struggle with the vastly stronger, evil wookie - Hanharr - who was just seconds away from terminating both Mira, and my game, permanently. Having finally (after numerous deaths) subdued Hanharr, Mira was just about to congratulate herself when a nasty pack of Kath hounds was released into the same arena - resulting in more deaths (and a lot of "colorful" maritime expressions). Even then, after I finally managed to defeat the Kath hounds with Mira barely in one piece - I then had to deal with numerous (and I do mean numerous), very tough, bounty hunters throughout the area while blindly feeling my way around to try and ascertain some means of opening up the area so that my Jedi hero could enter and take over the fray. And that scenario was just one of several that more than doubled the number of hours normal game play was slotted for.​
Sounds like the infamous IWD2 waves of monstersTM design technique

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