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Feargus talks about KOTOR II

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Feargus talks about KOTOR II

Interview - posted by Vault Dweller on Fri 28 May 2004, 15:41:47

Tags: Obsidian Entertainment; Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II - The Sith Lords

Valhalla Gamers posted an <a href=http://www.valhallagamers.com/index.cfm?nbdPage=Reviews&Process=Read&Article_ID=505>interview[/url] with Mr.Urquhart of Obsidian Entertainment about highly anticipated KOTOR II: Return of Feargus, now with customizable lightsaber hilts!

ValhallaGamers: I’ve noticed from some of the screenshots of KOTOR2 that there seems to be a darker tone to the game. Given the title it makes sense. However I am wondering was it your intention from the start to make a darker sequel a la Empire Strikes back?

Feargus Urquhart: Our lead designer, Chris Avellone, has always been into the slightly darker aspects of story. Also, while I don’t think we intentionally tried to follow the flow of the movies, they are a part of us, so I wouldn’t be surprised that influenced us while we weren’t looking.

ValhallaGamers: I’ll admit I’m a big fan of the dark side. Unfortunately in the first KOTOR many felt the dark side was portrayed, in many of the side missions and dialogue, as nothing more than petty thugs and aside from a few quests there wasn’t very much depth given to the dark side. Can we look forward to a more subtle/sinister approach in regards to earning dark side points?

Feargus Urquhart: This is one of the things that we are putting a lot of time into. We are trying to make the dark side seem less, as you say, like petty thugs and more like the intelligent power hungry people they came off as in the movies.​
That alone would be a huge improvement already

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