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Good-Evil reviews KOTOR 2 (and other games too!)

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Good-Evil reviews KOTOR 2 (and other games too!)

Review - posted by Vault Dweller on Mon 7 March 2005, 21:40:40

Tags: Obsidian Entertainment; Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II - The Sith Lords

Good-Evil.net has posted a short review of KOTOR 2

The character development is also shallower than the original KOTOR. It seems that people join out of the blue and the depths of the characters’ backgrounds are absent. Only a few characters have deep background stories, but in the first KOTOR all characters had elaborate stories and good reasons for joining your cause.​
Well, needless to say, such a thoughtful analysis has motivated me to check other reviews:

NWN review:
The game has great visuals and sound, and the story is deep and compelling. Any fan of RPG's will love this game. Any fan of D&D will also love this game, because it's so closely made by D&D rules that you feel like you're playing it... without all the dice and sutff. The game is great, you can choose to be good or evil, you can choose your race, you can choose your class, you can choose how you do a mission or even if you do it. It's a great game and I'm very anxious for NeverWinter Nights 2.​

Fallout review
Fallout is the complete gaming experience. A fantastic story, nice visuals, fun, engaging combat, easy controls, great replay value, and tons of customization make Fallout one of the best games I have ever played. If you like Diablo or RPGs in general, Fallout will blow your mind.​
Yep. That's what Fallout reminded me of - Diablo. I'm surprised I didn't figure that out before.

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