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Tons of new KOTOR II info

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Tons of new KOTOR II info

Game News - posted by Vault Dweller on Sun 1 August 2004, 23:31:32

Tags: Obsidian Entertainment; Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II - The Sith Lords

Akari of the KOTOR II development fame has started his own show called What do you want to know today?, where he revealed many things and answered many questions. Turns out, there will be a pet:

It will be upgradable... you can talk to it... it will help in combat... it's a non-animal... It will start out belonging to one character in specific, but that can change over the course of the story...​
Upgradable, can talk to it, will help in combat, non-animal? Sounds like a robot to me. I wonder is there any difference from T3M4 or HK47 or is it just an extra party member that you can carry in your pocket? OMG! It's a pokemon! Nooooooo!

Next, a new Pazaak card for those who dig these sorta things:

One such card is a Tie Breaker card. Normally it works like the +/- 1 card from KotOR1, but it has the added advantage that if the round ends in a Tie, you win if you played that card. There's 4 other new cards with special abilities like this.

There may be a Pazaak tourny. It hasn't been decided. It's one of those lower priority things that may or may not make it into the schedule.​
Next, everyone's favourite robot, Mister Personality itself, T3M4:

In the tutorial T3M4 you can control T3M4 as he makes repairs to the ship. I'm not sure if it comes up again anywhere else though. I think many are going to like T3M4 better in this game. He has substantially more personality​
And last, but not the least, you can break things down!

Well, you can break down non-chemical equipment into generic 'parts'. You can then utilize those 'parts' to assemble something else. You can break down chemical stuff (med packs, stims, etc.) into generic 'chemicals'. You then use those 'chemicals' to assemble some chemical item. This stuff isn't finalized yet, really. I'll probably doing a detailed pass over it next week to get it finished, so there's not really much else I can say right now.​
Sounds cool, let's see what we would be able to do with those chemicals. Who needs stimpacks when you can make some Jet? Why walk when you can fly? ;)

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