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KOTOR II hands-on impressions at IGN

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KOTOR II hands-on impressions at IGN

Preview - posted by Vault Dweller on Wed 12 May 2004, 23:45:17

Tags: Obsidian Entertainment; Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II - The Sith Lords

IGN posted one of the most useless hands-on impressions I've ever seen. Basically, everything is just like in KotOR. Big surprise there. Anyway, here is a snipet:

The demo pits you against a series of droids, none of them particularly exciting, but all of the cool touches from the original are back. Talking to NPCs, you have the choice between several lines of dialogue and it's easy to earn Light or Dark Side points, depending on your response. Droids can be scavenged for parts and you can rebuild disabled droids to do your bidding.

Navigating menus is the same as before. Using the D-Pad on Xbox, you move through the icon list on the bottom of the screen through the different types of weapons, items, and Force powers. You can quickly switch from a lightsaber to your ranged weapon from the menu and combat is just as quick and easy as in the first game. In fact, there's little here that isn't reminiscent of the original, and that's not a bad thing
KOTOR II: More of the same

Spotted at: RPG Dot

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