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Fallout to Project Eternity: Brian Menze Editorial at Penny Arcade

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Fallout to Project Eternity: Brian Menze Editorial at Penny Arcade

Interview - posted by Crooked Bee on Mon 29 October 2012, 20:02:19

Tags: Brian Menze; Fallout: New Vegas; Obsidian Entertainment; Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II - The Sith Lords

Penny Arcade offers an editorial penned by Obsidian Entertainment's artist Brian Menze, who worked on Fallout 2, KOTOR 2, New Vegas and Alpha Protocol, and is now working on South Park: The Stick of Truth and Project Eternity. Here's a taste:


I can’t remember which came first, but this is basically the pistol version of the L.A.E.R. from Fallout New Vegas. Josh Sawyer provided me with a couple of photos (shown in the image) of the type of pistol he was looking for, so I basically “frankensteined” all of those elements together. I don’t normally conceptualize weapons, so I felt a bit uncomfortable doing them on FNV, partly because Fallout fans are very particular, but mostly because I don’t draw weapons much. I was the only concept artist on the team though, so I had to do the best I could.

In addition to weapons I was doing posters, characters, props and Vault Boys. It was my job to get stuff out fast enough for all the artists on the team to have things to work on. A side effect from working so fast however, is that I don’t remember much about this concept at all beyond that. This does illustrate that whenever I get into a pinch, because of time (and in this case out of my comfort zone) I’ll take the easy road and piecemeal a concept. During production and being part of a small team, that is sometimes all you have time for. I’m not necessarily proud of this one, but it did the trick and Josh was happy with it.​

Head over there for more musings - and more art - by Brian Menze.

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