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Kreia gonna carry me to my grave

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Kreia gonna carry me to my grave

Editorial - posted by Jason on Thu 3 December 2009, 09:43:34

Tags: Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II - The Sith Lords

Alexander Gambotto-Burke's "Born Under a Bad Sign" article at Eurogamer begins as a rant against lazy game villain casting and ends with a love letter to KOTOR II's Kreia (and Chris Avellone).

Kreia is the perfect villain for her flawless dialogue (written by Avellone), intelligent and subtle voice-acting (by Sara Kestelman), and the fact that she forces you to make choices. She makes you think about your actual in-game decisions, if only just to please her and get another chance at finding a crack in her adamantine facade. She's a tutorial, an incentive to explore moral avenues you might have otherwise ignored, and she's a decent end-boss. What more could you want, really?

Actually, I think I've just discovered why the tree spirits told me to write this piece. It's for you, Chris. I know Alpha Protocol has been delayed, and I hope you're taking every minute of those extra few months to make a villain that blows Kreia - and Planescape's Transcendant One, for that matter - out of the water.​

Thanks for the tip, PlanHex

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