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KotOR2 done up by nV News

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KotOR2 done up by nV News

Review - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Thu 26 May 2005, 21:47:18

Tags: Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II - The Sith Lords

There's a new review of KotOR2 at nV News. It's pretty much a mixed bag, offering a bit of praise and niggles along with panty shots. Here's the standard clip:
<blockquotE>The party system works in much the same way as KOTOR 1. You potentially have a lot of people to choose from, but only 3 can be in your party outside of the ship. This is quite fun when you have characters you like. Sometimes, when your main character is off doing something else, you get stuck controlling one or more of the other characters. At times those characters might not be equipped with items you would choose, and this essentially makes the sequence not a whole lot of fun. Actually, I didn't like this feature any time it occurred (regardless of what characters were equipped with), although it did provide more plot information through cut scenes.[/indent]
Yup, gotta say I hated this stuff as well. I really hated it when I sent all blaster guys versus Dark Jedi. Whoops!

Spotted at: Blue's News

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