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Hilarious KOTOR 2 review at Tom's Hardware

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Hilarious KOTOR 2 review at Tom's Hardware

Review - posted by Vault Dweller on Sun 27 February 2005, 19:56:40

Tags: Obsidian Entertainment; Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II - The Sith Lords

Here is another RPG review written by a guy who dislikes RPGs. Actually, it's written by 2 guys, and sadly, both are stupid. Ok, without further ado, the latest retarded KOTOR 2 review

Even though the story is great, the way you move through it can be ponderous. Like a "Choose Your Own Adventure" novel with only one sentence on each page, sometimes having to choose every statement that your character says can be tedious. Even for RPG fans more familiar with this level of choice in exposition, you may wish that your characters spoke for themselves just a bit more.
The number of turn-based games released has been slowly decreasing over the last few years (Nintendo games excepted), so for many gamers the turn-based combat system here may be an obstacle. Based on the same modified version of AD&D 3rd Edition rules as its predecessor, all player characters and NPCs are driven by a statistics based system. People more familiar with traditional rules usage will recognize the statistics sets of Skills, Feats, and Attributes, but instead of learning to make armor or getting lock picking bonuses, players can use acquired XP to beef up on less anachronistic skills like Computer Use and Demolitions. Combat was turn-based for assigning various actions to a queue, but then unpausing the game would run the actions and give the illusion of fighting in real time.
If you were expecting an RPG after the fashion of Diablo or even Vampire: The Masquerade: Redemption, you will be disappointed. This title is certainly not action oriented; to avoid frustration think strategy instead.
My mind never got over applying the traditional RPG mechanic of XP (increasing attributes and skills gained through experience) to droids and robots. For instance, why did I have to use XP to increase the assassin droid HK-47's dexterity? Is that something he learned over time?​
There are 7 pages of all kinda idiotic opinions and conclusions, so click on that link and enjoy the show!

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