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Voice acting in RPGs - yay or nay?

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Voice acting in RPGs - yay or nay?

Editorial - posted by Zed on Sat 7 July 2012, 19:16:37

Tags: Alpha Protocol; Chris Avellone; Fallout; Fallout: New Vegas; MCA; South Park: The Stick of Truth; Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II - The Sith Lords

Joystiq has a column up by Rowan Kaiser discussing whether or not voice acting is... well, good for RPGs. He discusses pros, cons, and also talks with MCA (that's Chris Avellone from Obsidian Entertainment for anyone uninitiated) about his experience on the matter.

An excerpt:

However, I do find that voice acting often disrupts the pacing of the games to their detriment. I tend to read much faster than people speak, especially people trying to enunciate clearly for a recorded story. The slower pacing can be grating, especially if the writing and the voice acting aren't done well.

That's one of Avellone's main points as well: "RPG cinematic conversations are incredibly labor-intensive and something that only a few studios excel at." He cites BioWare specifically, saying that they succeed where so many others fail. "BioWare is good at cinematic dialogue because they have the resources, skilled personnel (and the resources to hire specialized personnel as well), and a pipeline built and established from iterations of a conversation system across several similar titles, which is a damn smart way to do things."​

Read it!

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