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Chris Avellone visits the KOTOR 2 Fortress of Regrets

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Chris Avellone visits the KOTOR 2 Fortress of Regrets

Interview - posted by Jason on Tue 20 October 2009, 07:53:53

Tags: Chris Avellone; Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II - The Sith Lords

Chris Avellone, creator of the Codex Troll and occasional game designer, answered some questions about Knights of the Old Republic II: Sith Lords on his Obsidian Blog.

7. Were there some things that you had to change due to disagreements with LucasArts or other Obsidian employees (not talking about cut content) If so, what - overall, are you happy about those changes or do you think the game would have turned out better without them?

Lucas Film had about 5-6 comments on the game over the course of the title, which I'd like to think was because we "got" the universe, but might have been more because they were so swamped with making Episode III. We do try to thoroughly research the franchises we work on at Obsidian and do due diligence to the franchise holders so we can match their ideas for the license. As such, we've rarely had problems in the approval process. There are times we've asked to do things with a franchise that have been turned down (we wanted to make Gann in Mask of the Betrayer a bi-sexual, for example, because that felt true to how he perceived love).

In the Obsidian ranks as far as K2 is concerned, I think we probably wasted time with the mini-games (we should have dumped those), done one less planet, and did less with the interface (we lost a lot of scripting and programmer time to it in exchange for not a lot of impact) and just concentrated on making a great polished adventure.​

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