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KOTOR II review extravaganza

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KOTOR II review extravaganza

Review - posted by Vault Dweller on Fri 28 January 2005, 15:05:20

Tags: Obsidian Entertainment; Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II - The Sith Lords

We have <s>a truckload of KOTOR 2 reviews</s> an exciting event where game reviewers would compete against each other trying to unravel the mystary of KOTOR 2 combat and impress our readers with RPG-related knowledge:

<a href=http://www.advanced-gamer.net/index.php?view=article&article=169&p=1>Advanced Gamer[/url]:
The engine itself is one-half character interaction and 1/2 RPG
However, there is one flaw in this. While Obsidian does a good job of branching the dialog options out, there is little you can do to reverse the affects one you do them. In the original, you are given multiple options on how you want to behave and what you want to say, usually light or dark. However, there are a few important places where you get backed into a corner when you get into a important conflict. For example, on one of the planets, you must choose one of the two dominant political parties in the game. However, once you choose one of them, that is it. If you choose the wrong one (Like I did), you will be confronted by a important character in which you cannot do anything but fight​

KotOR II is, like its predecessor, a turn-based/real-time action/RPG. Which is to say that in the grand tradition of turn-based RPGs, you don't actually DO much of anything in combat, but if you prefer your gaming experiences to be cinematic, you can let everything unfold in real time.​

Combat is once again turn-based...​

Combat is semi-turn based, and basically boils down to your stats versus those of the enemy.​

Armchair Empire
The character creation system in KotOR II lacks. ... No separate options for skin colour, and hair colour. Not even the ability to pick face and hair separately. Any roleplaying game that has come out since Morrowind and has this little character customization in it should have shame heaped upon said system
The combat system is the same fare as last time as well, but for those who don’t know I’ll go over it. KotOR II utilizes a combination turn-based/realtime system, where you input commands and then on your characters turn they’ll execute them.​
And these are the people who are expected to have a clue...

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