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Beyond Divinity ups and downs at RPGDot

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Beyond Divinity ups and downs at RPGDot

Review - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Mon 10 May 2004, 22:05:02

Tags: Beyond Divinity

RPGDot's Dhruin has done a review of Beyond Divinity. Basically, it lacks a little polish, there's a few problems with the interface and what not, the battlefields are boring, but the gameplay is cool. Here's a clip:

Despite the lack of polish and some of the new ideas falling a little flat, Beyond Divinity succeeds overall because the basic gameplay works, coupled with a strong story and great interaction with the gameworld. The biggest hurdle to players enjoying Beyond Divinity is their expectation for Beyond Divinity to be Divine Divinity 2 and the tedious opening dungeon.​

I think I would have been more inclined to get this game if it weren't party based, so it were more like Divine Divinity.

Thanks, Dhurin!

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