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Dungeon Lords impressions at eToychest

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Dungeon Lords impressions at eToychest

Preview - posted by Vault Dweller on Wed 19 May 2004, 22:45:27

Tags: Dungeon Lords; DW Bradley; Heuristic Park Inc.

eToychest posted very positive impressions of Dungeon Lords, informing readers that D.W. Bradley used to be cool and his new game's gotta be cool too.

With the game being targeted for a summer release, it is not unexpected that Dungeon Lords appears to be in such a near- finished state. The graphics are simply lovely, and the game play is both fluid and intuitive. Bradley and his team both made references to playing the game online in their studio for hours on end, and this labor of love is made evident with how wonderful the game both looks at plays in its current state. Dungeon Lords, according to Mr. Bradley, is the culmination of where technology is at today, and it was how he had envisioned, all those years ago, how games such as Wizardry 7 should have been played. Of course back then that iteration of that classic series represented the peak of PC gaming technology, just as Dungeon Lords showcases where role-playing games are today. Truly fans of both D.W. Bradley's work, and of PC role-playing in general have a lot to look forward to when Dungeon Lords hits retail.​
Well, thank god then, that technology wasn't there back then, because I don't think that real time Wiz games would have been as popular.

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