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Beyond Divinity from a crazy point of view

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Beyond Divinity from a crazy point of view

Review - posted by Vault Dweller on Thu 27 May 2004, 02:47:45

Tags: Beyond Divinity; Larian Studios

Globe Technology posted a very interesting review of Beyond Divinity, written by an obviously crazy person. The word is: a superior addition to the RPG genre, Beyond Divinity is for those serious gamers who like games like Diablo but want something new and innovative. Btw, did you know that BeyDiv is a complex, ultra-violent title? Well, now you do. Anyway, on to the memorable quotes:

Larian Studios, the game's producer, makes it very clear Beyond Divinity is not a sequel to Divine Divinity, but an "extension" of the Divinity universe. Beyond Divinity is an RPG in every sense of the term: a character-driven, dialogue-focused tale of black magic, blood feuds and monsters aplenty.

A fantastic looking and sounding game, the creepy soundtrack and vivid graphics will definitely make you shudder. However, it's the plotline — a very original take on the Diablo-influenced horror-RPG genre — that makes this game worth the investment

Make no mistake: there is a good reason why Beyond Divinity is rated Mature. It is a very violent game, full of sometimes-upsetting themes that aren't for the faint of heart

The only way to improve characters is through learning new "skills," which takes a lot of time and effort. ... The only thing that enables you to become a better warrior, wizard or survivor is to learn new skills, which requires a lot of game play trial-and-error (which is code for "I died a lot.")

It's not a groundbreaking RPG by any means, but it is one of the best-looking, scariest games I've played in a long time.​
So, to improve my character I must learn new skills, huh? What a marvelous idea! I'd have never guessed.

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