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Restricted Area NPC feature continues at RPGDot

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Restricted Area NPC feature continues at RPGDot

Preview - posted by Spazmo on Sat 5 June 2004, 15:57:37

Tags: Master Creating; Restricted Area

RPGDot have the sixth installment of their feature on Restricted Area NPCs. This week, the Strangers are discussed.

"Y'know, as much as they pretend to be tough shit, the people in the cities are tame little bunny rabbits compared to the Wastelanders. Some people like to think that the world ends once the bright neon and concrete streets end, but outside the cities lies the Wasteland; the heat, endless shifting horizons and the freakish green glow at night might be bad enough, but the inhabitants are even worse. First, you've got the Low Techs. Beside this nomads - which can't tell the difference between a toaster and a cyberclaw - there are mutants… or Stranger, as some call them. Their density has increased during the last months and while the Low Techs will only kill you to grab your stuff, the mutants like to *eat* humans, raw and preferably screaming.

Did I mention that the Wastelands aren't exactly *safe*? Anyway. They might be soulless bastards with little more intelligence than an ape (on a good day), but they can still use clubs or knives to take you down, so don't get close. If you see one, gun him down. If you see more than one, lob grenades over your back as you run the hell away and pray that one of them wasn't a track star in a former life."


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