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Tim Cain profile at NMA

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Tim Cain profile at NMA

Interview - posted by Spazmo on Fri 11 June 2004, 22:56:39

Tags: Fallout; Interplay; Tim Cain

No Mutants Allowed now have a profile of the Supreme Fallout Commander Tim Cain where he answers Odin's heap of questions.

This is a trick question for me, since I have already been given a blank slate not once but twice, first with Fallout and then with Arcanum. These both were opportunities to make brand new games – new engines, new role-playing systems, new universes, new everything. Of course, I’d love to get that opportunity again, but I could not predict what it would be any more than I could have predicted making Fallout or Arcanum before I actually made them.​

I certainly hope he does get that opportunity again. Licensed games are generally just a big 'ol bag of trouble.

Thanks to Briosafreak for the heads up.

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