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OMEGA SYNDROME mutates to turn based combat

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OMEGA SYNDROME mutates to turn based combat

Development Info - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Fri 6 August 2004, 17:12:41

Tags: Australian Game Developers; David Moffatt; Omega Syndrome

Omega Syndrome has posted an update about their shareware CRPG set in a conspiracy laden future dealing with secret labs and alien goodness. Because of numerous requests, the author has decided to impliment turn based combat. Here's the big news:


Last Engine Update!

This really is the last update to the engine. I really mean it this time! Honest! :) Unfortunately due to the turn based combat addition, your old save games will not work in Version 1.9, so you will have to delete them and start again.

Turn Based Combat!
After thousands of requests I decided to create a turn based engine. Now you can take your time in combat and think hard about your next move. This simple change makes the game far more interesting for the player that likes to think strategically. You can do things like pop around a corner and attack and then use your remaining action points to take cover. You can also use your action points to attack a ranged target and take a couple of steps forward, or attack a closer target with your knife.

Special Notes:
  • Unused action points are used to increase your effective armour class.
  • To end your turn in combat, you must press the space bar.

W00T! Turn based combat, and only $15 to boot. Check out the demo.

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