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Van Buren corpse robbing with Sean over at DAC

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Van Buren corpse robbing with Sean over at DAC

Interview - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Tue 10 August 2004, 22:02:57

Tags: Fallout 3 (Van Buren); Sean Reynolds

Duck and Cover has an interview with Sean K. Reynolds about the failed Fallout 3 thing otherwise known as Van Buren. Here's one question and a tiny part of the answer:

11. There have been some criticisms levelled at Van Buren, such as the amount of technology in the game (space platforms, multiple vehicles), when many say that the setting should be as devoid of technology as possible. How do you respond to that?

Vehicles? There are millions of cars on the road in California alone; it's absurd to think that a person with the know-how couldn't put together a working vehicle with the proper parts, especially givet the number of cars out there. Arizona census 2002 population is over 5,000,000 people ... if that's 4 people per household and 40% of households have at least 1 vehicle (also according to census data, which actually has 40% of households at 1 vehicle per, 38% at 1 vehicle per, 15% at 3 or more per), that's FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND cars in Arizona as of 2002. You don't think that in four states, maybe two million cars, there aren't four vehicles that Science Boy can't piece together?

Let's see. The cars are at least 180 years old. The parts for the cars stopped being made around the time the Earth got carpet nuked, so that would make them 180 years old too. It's cute that he looked up all that irrelevant census stuff, though.

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