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Planescape Torment fan patch fun

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Planescape Torment fan patch fun

Mod News - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Sun 15 August 2004, 13:52:26

Tags: Planescape: Torment

Well, they call it a fix pack, but that's basically what it is. It fixes a whole lot of bad stuff that's screwed up in Planescape: Torment. In fact, here's what all it does:

  • "The Justifier" was supposed to remember knowing you a long time ago when you asked it "What can you tell me about yourself?" if you had talked to it at least three times. If you asked "The Justifier" about your party members while in the Lower Planes all the responses would be messed up.
  • Nordom's Crossbows were red like items are when you cannot use them.
  • If you completed the quest to kill Qui-Sai for Scofflaw Penn the quest would stay in your Assigned Quests list.
  • Changed the name of the Shadows in the Fortress from "Greater Shadow" to "True Shadow" like they are in the Bestiary.
  • You could only get the dialog option with the Dustmen Mourners admitting that you are "to blame for the death of many innocents across the planes" if you had given the answer "I... don't know." to Ravel when she asked you "What can change the nature of a man?"
  • There was a dialog option you couldn't get with Sere the Skeptic that involves convincing her to become an Anarchist once you have joined that faction.
  • Fixed a few instances where a dialog option would end the dialog when it wasn't supposed to.
  • You couldn't initiate dialog with the Curst Citizen who was being beaten by two Curst Guards.
  • In some dialogs you would not get the money you were supposed to because the action "GivePartyGold()" was used instead of "CreatePartyGold()".
  • Fixed many minor errors discovered using Near Infinity's dialog checker.
  • You couldn't ask Annah what Fell said about your tattoos when she was translating for you if your Intelligence was above 14 and you understood Rebuses.
  • You couldn't reread the sixth circle of Zerthimon because it pointed to the last paragraph of the second circle instead.
  • Emoric experience loop.
  • In dialog with Xachariah you should have had the option "Improvise: "It is I. Do you not recognize my voice?"" if you had 17 (or greater) Intelligence or Charisma, but it only worked for Intelligence.
  • If you convinced Mortai to give you 100 coppers for signing a Dead Contract with him, he still only gave you 50 coppers.
  • Fixed an error in The Apothecary and Vrischika's Curiosity Shop that may be related to those areas crashing more often than others.
  • You couldn't get the conversations you were supposed to be able to have with Nordom after saying "Can we discuss my immortality again?" because of a typo in a dialog action.
  • A few of the thugs outside the Mortuary area had a piece of the Dabus' script in theirs, causing the Lady to get angry if you fought them as though you'd attacked a Dabus.
  • You couldn't transform the "Entropic Blade" directly from Fists to Clubs proficiency because of a typo in that response trigger.
  • If you attacked Hezobol in Carceri through dialog it would increment the global variable "Curst_Counter" when you chose the option "Attack him." and then again when you chose the next and only available option "Fight." It should have only been incremented once. This variable keeps track of how many things you have done in Carceri to lessen the chaos and weakens Trias the higher it gets.
  • Annah in the Hive outside the Mortuary at the beginning of the game would say things to any party member who walked by that were meant to be said only to the Nameless One.
  • The arrows on the Rotating Right-Click Menu were misplaced by one pixel.
  • If you attacked Aethelgrin or Tegar'in in the Smoldering Corpse Bar the other would just stand there and remain neutral because a bug in their scripts would prevent them from defending each other.
  • If you attacked the "Vault of the Ninth World" head it would initiate dialog with you but it would just say its normal greeting. It should have been a special dialog that said "Pardon me. Please do not attack the head."
  • Ebb experience loop, plus a few other minor bugs in Ebb's dialog.

Yup, I ran out of excuses not to post this.

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