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Konung 2 gets a Englishy publisher

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Konung 2 gets a Englishy publisher

Game News - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Wed 1 September 2004, 07:27:03

Tags: Got Game Entertainment; Konung 2

Konung 2 is being picked up and published by Got Game Entertainment. What the hell is it? Well, here's a bunch of stuff I pulled off their website for the game:

This unique fantasy role-playing game, with real-time strategy and adventure elements, is set in a mystical world of magic and legend, alive with tribes of wild Slavic hunters, noble traders of the Byzantine Empire, and fearless Viking warriors.

Adopting the dark and complex atmosphere of ancient Scandinavia, Konung 2 combines history with classical myths and legends, immortal heroes, magical artifacts and ancient sorcery. Good and evil have now transposed, resulting in chaos and turmoil. Having fallen under the spell of wicked magic, a new Dark Master now threatens the land and only six warriors, male and female descendants of the Titans, can stop him in his quest to destroy all that can be used to return peace and stability. These heroes must summon their courage, strength, and wits to defeat this new face of evil and his minions, both human and monstrous!​
And of course, some features:

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  • Beyond action-style role-playing by offering adventure-style gameplay with dozens of non-linear quests and strong storyline
  • Stands entirely on its own (from its predecessor) with a wealth of new features and striking improvements
  • Enhanced RPG system with a wide range of character skills and features
  • Better, more varied fighting techniques
  • Improved AI
  • Dozens of quests
  • Detailed dialogue system
  • Additional RTS elements such as extensive settlement management
  • New monsters
Hey, the first one wasn't bad. Here's to hoping the second one is pretty darned nifty.

Spotted at: Blue's News

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