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RPG Dot plays Restricted Area

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RPG Dot plays Restricted Area

Preview - posted by Vault Dweller on Tue 28 September 2004, 14:52:34

Tags: Master Creating; Restricted Area

RPG Dot has posted a positive preview of Restricted Area, a cyberpunk action-RPG set in a post-apocalyptic world, and described as "sci-fi Diablo meets Crusader".

Restricted Area will have a 15-20 hour long main quest for each of the characters. The four storylines cross each other sometimes - for example when one of the main characters has to rescue another one.
You spend the time between missions in the city, talking to NPCs, doing the usual character related things and acquiring new quests. Advancing in the main quest is optional. There´s an unlimited number of computer-generated side quests, so you have an alternative if the main quest is too tough at the moment.
Most NPCs you´ll meet in town have a relatively neutral attitude towards the main characters, apart from gender preferences. Dialogs are multiple-choice, and your decisions have consequences. You may open or close certain side quests, earn an NPC's sympathy or antipathy and you will ultimately determine which of the 7 endings you´ll see.
Of course, an unlimited number of quests also demands an unlimited number of items and weapons. Some of them can of course be bought in shops, which restock randomly every time you re-enter the city. But what happens if a merchant has a nice weapon you can´t afford? You can ask him to put it aside until your next visit.

Multiple choices, consequences, 7 endings, and a sci-fi setting sound like a winning combination.

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