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Schroedinger's Cat: Interplay

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Schroedinger's Cat: Interplay

Company News - posted by Exitium on Wed 29 September 2004, 09:15:14

Tags: Interplay

Odin has been patient enough to persistently follow the development of Interplay and its suckers (Pardon me. Investors.) over at the Raging Bull forums and they were having some difficulty in communicating with Interplay's Luke Haas but they discovered where IPLY's current offices resided.

The offices they are now in at 1682 Langley is an executive suite office building. There are many small offices in that building that are rented out monthly to many different businesses. There will be lots of people there working, but you won't easily know just which company they are working at, unless you talk to the receptionist.
Last night frymuchan (Never give up! Never surrender!) got a reply from Mr. Haas pertaining to the situation at Interplay:

Interplay does have a staff at their new offices working in a variety of functions, including management, financial/legal, programming and more. Hope and expect earnings to be announced very soon. It has been delayed considerably due to the amount of work that needs to be done to compile and prepare these reports. What was previously being handled by a full staff is now being handled by a much smaller core group of people. The company remains in business and hard at work finalizing earnings, working on the litigation front and pursuing options to improve cashflow, but still faces significant legal and financial hurdles. Earnings report will provide more detail on these issues.​
...and I'm sure frymuchan believed every word of it.

Corith (former IPLY employee) followed up with this:

Don't belive it.

I suspect that it is typical corporate spin, since I know better. I suspect they have 4 people. Herve (CEO), Phil (pres), an HR person to function as secretary/receptionist, and an accounting person. None of their former I.T. personal have been called in, other than the director to set up the accounting software so they can pay back payroll.​
Interplay is very much in the same situation as Schrodinger's Cat. It is in the superposition between alive and dead. The thing about a superposition is, you never see it. We can't see an alive-dead cat (or in this case a company). Only time will 'open Schrodinger's box', so to speak, and determine the true state of Interplay's existence.

Thanks for the tip, Odin. Link: <a href=http://ragingbull.lycos.com/mboard/boards.cgi?board=IPLY&read=1162>Raging Bull thread[/url].

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