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Bourgeoisie update - new FAQ

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Bourgeoisie update - new FAQ

Game News - posted by Vault Dweller on Sat 23 October 2004, 21:28:32

Tags: Afterfall; Intoxicate Interactive

Bourgeoisie (what a word, eh?) site has been updated with a new FAQ that tells you a lot of things about gameplay mechanics. In case you have no clue what Bourgeoisie is and don't even know how to spell it, it's a Polish indie post-apoc game that promises a lot of cool things.

A lot of games irritated me because of the stupid/weird reactions of NPC’s towards my character. Reactions like NPC’s talking with me after I just slaughtered their entire family. Or situations when NPC’s in Location “X” treat me like shit because I’ve done something evil somewhere in the far end of the wastelands. Can I count on Bourgeoisie to eliminate such crap?

Yes you can. In Bourgeoisie opinions about your character and the way NPC’s will treat him will be measured in two fields. The first one will be based on affiliations to social groups. Every social group/class has some stereotypes about other social groups. These stereotypes will be used to determine if NPC’s will welcome your character with open arms or with pitchforks. Let’s suppose that your character is affiliated to a militant social group (example: member of a bounty hunter’s guild) and will try to speak with a NPC. If the NPC’s social group is non-militant or pacifist then the NPC will probably not want to talk with you and will try to ignore you. However when you speak to a guard, some mercenary or other militant NPC, you will certainly have their attention and they might even respect you more than they would if you were a non-militant character. The PC and every NPC can (and will) be affiliated to many social groups (example: gun store owner - militant and commerce/trades-person).​
Sounds good, although that mom-raping remark was a bit disturbing.

Thanks for the update, kolos

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